Our partner institutions across the United States are building relationships between palliative medicine clinicians and undergraduate faculty to introduce palliative care principles in and out of the undergraduate classroom.  

Dartmouth College 

Amber Barnato, MD 

Kathryn Kirkland, MD 

Northwestern University 

Josh Hauser, MD 

Ohio State University 

Jillian Gustin, MD 

Adam Ketner, MD 

University of Alabama at Birmingham 

Jared Ball, MPH 

Michael G Hurst, MD  

Rodney Tucker, MD 

University of California San Diego 

Gary Buckholz, MD 

Holly Yang, MD 

University of Chicago 

Monica Malec, MD 

Michael Rossi, PhD 

University of Florida 

Susan Bluck, PhD 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Sean Gaffney, MD 

Jennifer McEntee, MD, MPH, MA.Ed 

Ellen Ozier, MSW, LCSW, APHSW-C, OSW-C 

University of Pittsburgh 

Jeff Aziz, PhD 

Ethan Silverman, MD 

University of Texas at Austin 

Paul Tatum, MD