Emory end-of-life pilot course findings published

A summary and evaluation of an innovative end-of-life course for undergraduates is the focus of a new article published in Innovation and Education. The paper by Emory graduate David Kulp, course instructor Arri Eisen, and other undergraduate and medical faculty highlight development, implementation, and evaluation of “Science and the Nature of Evidence: Death, Dying, and Finding Meaning,” a semester-long general education course offered in Fall 2019 within the interdisciplinary Institute for Liberal Arts at Emory. The course is one of the first offered at Emory as part of the Undergraduate Palliative Education collaboration supported by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation. Kulp et al describe an undergraduate survey on comfort with discussing death and dying, pedagogical strategies for building a community of inquiry among course participants, and an evaluation of the course’s feasibility and effectiveness. Paper coauthors include palliative care physicians Lynn O’Neill and Tammie Quest, and Emory College faculty Susan Tamasi and Kim Loudermilk.